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Speed Reading for Scholars and Students

Give your kids a competitive advantage

Kayla Coetzee(18), our fastest teenage student to date, completed the program with a reading speed of over

8000 words per minute

The amount of information that children have to deal with has grown exponentially in the last ten years and is set to continue. Yet no time or training has been allocated to helping our children cope with these increased information loads. Increased information burden without the capabilities on how to process and deal with that burden is leading to increased stress.

There are reading habits that are taught in schools that severely limit your children's reading and learning potential. These reading habits limit your children's ability to read at a faster rate. The longer these habits are taught and practice the stronger they become and the more difficult they are to change in the future.

The Shilin Speed Reading program is most beneficial for scholars and students because it limits the negative effects of the bad habits early on in our kids lives, allowing them to complete their studies at a rate that our brains were originally designed for.

Our younger course participants have achieved the greatest results in the past. The Shilin Speed Reading Program is designed to rectify bad habits we were taught reading and provide new habits that allow us to read more efficiently and effectively. By tackling the bad habits while younger we limit the detrimental effects.


The Shilin Speed Reading Program can help your kids by::

  • Allowing your children to achieve greater academic results with less stress and in less time

  • Maintain a balanced academic, social, relationship and physical life

  • Ensure they complete their studies the first time reducing the potential of wasting thousands in school and university fees

  • Ensuring them a greater future and chance of achieving their goals

  • Allowing them to achieve the educational goals you expect of them and at the same time allowing them to enjoy their youth

The Shilin Speed Reading Program is a completely unique training system. Our tried and tested techniques have produced the world’s fastest readers with over 30 000 students who have not achieved less than a 300% increase their reading speeds (10-Day format).

If you are a parent or a teacher and would be interested in setting up a class at your school, please contact us on our contact page.

The Shilin Speed Reading Program is most suitable for Children aged 12 years old and up.


Written by Martin Sam © 2012 Copyright the Shilin Speed Reading Institute