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Awakening Your True Potential:
How Kayla Reads at 8000 Words Per Minute

On 02.05.2015, by Martin Sam

The first step towards increasing your reading speed is realising that you have a higher potential and that you can read exponentially faster than you do today.

The Wikipedia page on speed reading sites that average reading speed at the World Speed Reading Championships is around 1000-2000 words per minute. They claim however that many of these contestants only read with a 50% comprehension.

However one of our students 18 year old Kayla, increased her reading speed by over 1700% in a single day on the Shilin Speed Reading one-day program. It is most probably one of the highest increases in reading speeds in a day. She started with a reading speed of 108 words per minute and finished with a reading speed of 1844 words per minute.

She went onto attend our 10-day program a few months later and completed the program with a reading speed of over 8000 words per minute with full comprehension. How is it possible to read at 8000 words per minute?


Traditional Reading Systems

The average reading speed is between 150 and 250 words per minute. Traditionally we are taught to read and focus at one word at a time when we read. Even those with faster reading speeds of 500-600 words per minute read by focusing on one word at a time.

The difference between an advanced reader and an average reader is that the more advanced readers read along a horizontal line of text faster than the average reader. That is, they read individual words at a faster rate than a slower reader.


Shilin Speed Reading Method and "Frame Reading"

The secret to reading at rates that exceed 2000-3000 words per minute lies in a term which is coined and trademarked by Dmitriy Shilin, “Frame Reading”

A frame, in a reading context, is the number of words that one’s eyes fixate on when that person reads at a time. So if you read at one word at a time you have a reading frame of “one”.

If one had to read three words consecutively as opposed to one at a time, you would automatically increase your reading speed by 300%. If you then had to develop your mind to read those three words at a time at a faster your linear rate you could again increase your reading speed by 300%.

Putting that into real numbers, someone who reads at 200 words per minute would increase their reading speed to 600 words per minute by reading 3 words at a time. If that person had to read those three words 300% faster his/her reading speed would increase to 1800 words per minute which translates to a 900% increase in reading speed.

From a purely mathematical point of view it is impossible to say that you cannot read at least 300-500% percent faster than you do today. However from a practical standpoint the ability to be able to read with a reading frame larger than one word at a time takes a bit of exercise and development.

Advanced students like Kayla or myself have reading frames that span multiple sentences or even paragraphs. By reading full or multiple sentences we do not read horizontally, but vertically down the page sentence by sentence or paragraph by paragraph.

Kayla Coetzee reading at 8000 words per minute

Other speed reading courses practice a technique called Meta-guiding, which is the visual guiding of the eye using a finger or pointer, such as a pen, in order for the eye to move faster along the length of a passage of text*. This in essence still involves reading in a horizontal linear direction.

Again the sceptics would claim that reading at a line at a time is not possible. But is it impossible?

When you are driving on the road your “driving” frame spans a large area. Your brain is processing information both near and far. You are keeping your eye on the speedometer, road signs, other traffic users, potential threats, speeds of other drivers, colours, makes and models of cars all that the same time.

Is it impossible to assume the brain cannot see, process and understand 10 words at a time?

Where Kayla is special is that she was able to achieve this huge increase in her reading speed in a short amount of time. Anyone is capable at reading at these speeds through the practice and exercise.

How inefficiently are you reading and how much time, energy and money are you wasting?


Martin Sam

Shilin Speed Reading Institute

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