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Reading at Your Full Potential

How outdated reading systems limit you from achieving your full potential 

Written by Martin S Sam and Dmitriy A Shilin © 2012 Copyright The Shilin Speed Reading Institute

A common question we are asked is how our students achieve such a dramatic increase in reading speed in such a short time?

We believe it’s because society as a whole has adopted a belief about your brain’s reading capabilities that are highly underestimated. Up until now you have been reading at such a tiny fraction of your full potential.


Your innate reading capabilities are exponentially higher than you believe them to be and up until now you have dedicated no time and you have had no tool to be able to develop those capabilities. There also habits that you were taught to read with when you were young that make you highly inefficient, when these habits are eliminated exponential gains in your reading speed are possible.


Outdated Reading Systems

There are numerous reading techniques that you were taught when you were young that severely limit your reading speed, causing you to be inefficient and waste hours of you valuable time every day.


Reading One Word at a Time

A major contributor to the way you read now is the fact that the current education system has dedicated no time or work to developing your reading capabilities since you were 7 years old. When you started reading you were taught to read one letter at a time, soon after you progressed onto reading at one a syllable at a time. By the age 7 you progressed onto reading an entire word at a time. For some unknown reason the education system stopped developing your reading skills at that age.

As you progressed through school each year you progressively moved on to higher levels of language, mathematics, geography and biology. But from the age of 7 years old you progressed through school reading one word at a time and when you left university you were still reading at one word at a time.



Another major contributor to your limited reading speed is the habit of subvocalisation. Subvocalisation, or silent speech, is defined as the internal speech made when reading a word. [1]

When in school our teachers and parents made us verbalise whatever we read. Even though we don’t do this out loud today, we still make micro muscular movements and repeat each word in our mind as we read. This habit severely limits our reading capabilities and is completely unnecessary for understanding a body of text. Until this habit is eliminated you will limit your reading speed to no faster than 700 words per minute.

40% of What You Read is Irrelevant Towards Understanding a Body of Text

By verbalising or repeating every word that we read we end up reading every word in a series of text. However if you had to analyse the material you read, you will notice that on average 40% of what you read is completely unnecessary towards understanding the series of text. By eliminating the 40% of what is completely unnecessary you will cut your reading time in half.

The current reading techniques you use today are outdated and inefficient and are holding you back from fulfilling your potential. At the same time it is causing us to sacrifice time with our family, friends and physical wellbeing.


The Shilin Speed Reading Method

The Shilin Speed Reading Method allows our clients to achieve large increases in their reading speed by eliminating the bad habits that limit your reading potential and then replace them with a reading system that matches the true capabilities of your brain.

When practiced consistently and over a period of time the Shilin Speed Reading Method will allow anybody to be able to read at an exponentially faster rate while still maintaining comprehension of what you read.

The Shilin Speed Reading Program is a challenging process that will challenge you mentally, physically and even emotionally. The rewards though will allow you to achieve your academic and career objectives without sacrificing what’s important to you.

This new training method will smash your old beliefs about your potential and open your mind to new possibilities. If you desire more out of your life and your career without sacrificing what is important to you, please consider joining us on one of our programs.



1. “Subvocalisation” In Wikipedia. Retrieved June 13, 2012, from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Subvocalization

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