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Shilin Speed Reading Company News and Articles

Shilin Speed Reading News and Articles

Corporate Speed Reading Programs

Stress, workloads and information loads have increased exponentially in the last 20 years, however no time or effort has been dedicated to developing employee minds to be able to cope with the added pressures.



Speed Reading for MBA Students

Achieve greater academic and professional success in less time and with less stress, without sacrificing what is most important to you.




Speed Reading for Scholars and Students

Give your kids a competitive advantage in life and in their academic and career lives by allowing them to tap into their true potential.

Allowing them to excell at their studies with the increasing workloads while still maintaining a healthy balanced life.


Reading at Your Full Potential

Your mind is capable of reading and absorbing information at an exponentially greater rate than you currently do now.





About Dmitriy Shilin

Read more about the creator of the Shilin Speed Reading Program and his inspirational life story.





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