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Parktown Girls Student Increases her Reading speed by 1000% during 10 Day Program


18 Year old Park Town Girls Student Radhika Jivan and her sister-in-law Darshana achieved the top percentage increases in their reading speeds on the 10-Day Shilin Speed Reading Program held in Johannesburg this past July.

Radhika increased her reading speed from 63 words per minute to 638 words per minute over the 10-day program.

“The course has given me a new outlook on life. I have begun to grow from strength to strength thanks to this course. From the beginning I have searched for an amazing ‘something’ which would enable me to be stronger in all aspects of my life." Radhika Jivan  

Her sister-in-law Darshana Gosai achieved the greatest percentage increase in her reading speed from 95 to 1238 words per minute.

Warren Chong achieved the highest reading speed after attending both the 1-day program and 10-day program. Increasing his reading speed from 555 wpm to over 2500 wpm even after missing three days of the 10-day program

Special mention to Suhail Shamieh who travelled all the way from Dubai to attend the program.

Video Testimonials from the Course