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Our Fastest Teenage Student Completing Program at Over 8000 wpm

The full 10-day Shilin Speed Reading program was recently presented at the Henley Business School Paulshof Campus in Johannesburg. It was the largest group of students in a single class, since Dmitriy stopped teaching in 1993. Fifteen students completed the program in three different languages, including English, Afrikaans and Chinese.

The group achieved amazing results with the class increasing their reading speed by between 300 and 5000 percent over the 10-day training period. Congratulations to our students who persisted with the work and achieved their goals.

Husband and wife Robert and Yumi Tsai achieved something unique by being the first students to complete the Shilin Speed Reading Program reading vertical Chinese text. Both Robert and Yumi achieved huge increases in their reading speeds finishing at 6737 wpm and 5180 wpm respectively.

Alice Shih achieved the largest percentage increase in her reading speed in the class. With a starting reading speed of 71 wpm and a final reading speed of 3631 wpm, she managed to increase her reading speed by over 5000%

Kayla Coetzee, who attended the one-day program in July, finished with a speed of 8500 words per minute and is now most probably the fastest reader her age on the continent.

Our fastest reader of the group was Justin Valdemar Strydom who completed the program at a reading speed of 14000 words per minute.

A special mention as well to Lesetja Mogoba who exceeded his personal reading speed goal of 500 words per minute by five times, to complete the program with a reading speed of 2500 words per minute.

Well done to the other students who attended the training and for making it a wonderful experience.