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During the last 3 weeks we have been working with a group of Wits University students during our scholar and student Shilin Speed Reading program during the June vacation break.

The phenomenal group of young, hard working students surpassed even my own expectations of what is possible with this course.

All but one student achieved a reading speed of over 1200 words per minute. Two students achieved a reading of over 3000 words per minute, including Kevin Li who reached a final reading speed of 4388 words per minute.

The fastest student at the end of the three week program, Tshepiso Tsotetsi, completed the course with an astounding final reading speed of over 18000 words per minute reading with a half-page frame.

For more about their amazing achievements, please follow the link below:



The Fastest Reading African Woman in History

During the delivery of the 3 week program in Johannesburg in February 2017 a significant milestone was achieved.

Patience Chauraya, a Zimbabwean expat and accountant living in Johannesburg, became the fastest reading African woman in history.

Beginning the course with an initial reading speed of 217 words per minute, Patience was able to increase her reading speed to over 27000 words per minute in just 8 days worth of training. By doing so this makes her not only one of the fastest readers in the world, but also makes her the fastest reading African woman on Earth in ALL history.

For more about her amazing achievement and video footage of her reading, please follow the link below:



How Kayla Reads at 800 Words Per Minute

One of our top students 18 year old Kayla, increased her reading speed by over 1700% in a single day on the Shilin Speed Reading one-day program. It is most probably one of the highest increases in reading speeds in a day. She started with a reading speed of 108 words per minute and finished with a reading speed of 1844 words per minute.


She went onto attend our 10-day program a few months later and completed the program with a reading speed of over 8000 words per minute with full comprehension. How is it possible to read at 8000 words per minute?

Read more about it by clicking the link below:



18 Year Old Parktown Girls Student Increases Her Reading Speed by 1000%

18 Year old Park Town Girls Student Radhika Jivan and her sister-in-law achieved the top percentage increases in their reading speeds on the July Shilin Speed Reading Program held in Johannesburg this past July.



Kayla Coetzee achieved a final reading speed of over 8500 words per minute making her our top South African teenage student to date.

Read more on the class achievements here:





Bytes Managed Solutions Corporate Training

On the 2nd of August we returned to Bytes Managed Solutions in Johannesburg to present the 1-day program to a second group of their executives.



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