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Shilin Speed Reading Program

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   Introduction to the Shilin Speed Reading Program Webinar

The Shilin Speed Reading Program is one of the most advanced personal and educational development courses available in the world today.

The course is an advanced speed reading program that is training some of the fast reading students in the world.

We use a unique reading development process that is unique to our company.

Please join us on our free webinar to find out more about our company and the course.

During this free two-hour webinar learn about the history, logic and theory of how we are training the fastest reading students and professionals in the world.

Date: Wednesday the 15th of January 2020

Time: 19h00 Johannesburg Time (GMT +2:00)

Duration between 1,5 - 2 hours

Includes a Q&A session

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About the Shilin Speed Reading Program

The Shilin Speed Reading Program is an advanced speed reading course developed by Dmitriy A Shilin. Dmitriy trained tens of thousands of students in his native Ukraine before moving to South Africa in the early 1990s. Language barriers and business commitments prevented him from delivering the course for over 17 years. In 2012 the Shilin Speed Reading Institute was formed to reintroduce the course to the world.


The Shilin Speed Reading Program is highly practical course, with approximately 5% of the program allocated to reading theory. The remaining 95% of the time spent during the program involves practical exercise designed to develop and train your brain to read multiple words at the same time.

- For the duration of the program we will practice exercises designed for :

- Training your brain to read multiple words and sentences at the same time

- Gradually increasing the rate at which you read and process that information

- Expand your peripheral vision

- Increasing your mental focus, concentration levels and eventually enhance their memory and rentention abilities

- Developing the subconscious reading faculties of your mind



Yusuf Darsot (18) Student Crawford College

"I thoroughly feel that this programme was brilliant. My reading speed improved tremendously. I would definitely recommend this programme."



Michael Simpson (21) Student, University of Johannesburg

“The course is more than just a speed reading course. Dmitriy constantly challenges one’s perception on how to approach life. He made one look far beyond the socially accepted normal we have been exposed to our whole life. This courses main aim is to push you beyond your boundaries, to what you never thought possible, nor beneficial before. Increasing your reading speed is just an added benefit.”


Erin Danielle Olsen (28) Teacher, New England Center for Children Abu Dhabi

“I definitely believe this course gave me an amazing set of tools in order to increase my reading speed even more. The results of our class & all of our improvements speak for themselves.This is a hands-on, no-nonsense approach to increasing your reading speed. I highly recommend it!”


Melissa Wilson (16) Student, Dubai UAE

“This program really helped me improve my reading speed and understanding of what I was reading. This is going to help me massively when it comes to preparing for my exams in the next few months. Before I came to this program today, I struggled a lot with reading and understanding and I would highly recommend people to attend these courses.”


Léonie Tovell (33)  Dubai UAE

“The theory in this course is fundamental and I am astonished this is not taught in schools. We had a challenging day and I am incredibly grateful to have had my eyes opened to this wonderful skill.”


Mario A. Camara (37) Lawyer, Swissquote Bank, Dubai

“I think I have the potential to do much better still. This course should be mandatory worldwide at every school level from grade 2 and above.”



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