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About the Course

About the Shilin Speed Reading Program

About the Shilin Speed Reading Institute

The Shilin Speed Reading Institute is a personal development and education company based in South Africa. We help our clients achieve greater success in their lives through the development and delivery of advanced mental development courses designed to unlock their potential and to develop the minds allowing them to think, read and work faster and more efficiently.

Our core program, the Shilin Speed Reading program, was developed by Dmitriy A. Shilin, a Ukrainian emigrant living in Cape Town South Africa.

Dmitry developed the Shilin Speed Reading program as a student in Ukraine in order to manage his own personal and academic needs. In order to supplement his income to support his family he decided to run the program with a group of friends and teach others to increase their reading speeds. On the second presentation of the program he “accidentally” discovered power of his training method when one of his students began achieving exponential gains in her reading speed.

Dmitriy and his school went onto train tens of thousands of students to increase their reading speeds in the Ukraine between the mid 1980s and early 1990s. After the economic collapse of the Soviet Union he was forced to move to South Africa in order to rebuild his wealth and to support his young family. Due to his business commitments and language barriers the program lay dormant for over 17 years, until meeting American philospher, author and inspirational speaker Dr John Demartini in 2010, who inspired him to begin teaching the program again.

In January 2012 the Shilin Speed Reading Institute was founded to reintroduce the program to the world and change the way the world reads and learns.



About the Course

The Shilin Speed Reading Program is a practical, in-class, exercise based course, with approximately 5% of the program allocated to reading theory. The remaining 95% of the time spent during the program involves practical exercise designed to develop and train you brain to read multiple words at the same time.

For the duration of the program you will practice exercises designed for:

§  Eliminating subvocalisation

§  Training your brain to read multiple words and sentences at the same time

§  Gradually increasing the rate at which you read that information

§  Expanding your peripheral vision

§  Develop subconscious reading faculties of your mind

Repetition of the exercises is required to break your bad reading habits and activate the higher information processing faculties of your mind that allow you to read more information at a time.

The training method is unique to any other speed reading program in the world. It does not use techniques or tricks to increase your reading speed but involves actual brain and visual training to awaken higher faculties in your brain allowing you to take in greater amounts of information at a time, while still maintaining comprehension of what you read.

The training will not only affect your reading capabilities but also enhance your mental processing and memory capabilities. Continued practice and application of the exercises and principles taught during the program will lead to you being able to read at sentences, paragraphs and eventually pages at a time.


Continued practice of the work will also lead to:

§  Reading at an exponentially faster rate than you currently do while still maintaining comprehension of the material you read

§  Increased ability to organise your thoughts

§  Increased comprehension of what you read

§  Increased focus and concentration

§  Improved memory and greater retention of what you read

§  Greater mental capacity and processing ability

§  Greater efficiency, productivity and achievement in your academic and career life

The Only Speed Reading Program in the World to Offer a Money-Back Guarantee to Increase Your Reading Speed by at Least 300%*.

*Triple your reading speed money back guarantee is only applicable to the extended formats of the program and is subject to terms and conditions.

Course Formats


Shilin Speed Reading 10-Day Workshop

The 10-Day course format is the full version of the Shilin Speed Reading Program. It offers an in-depth instruction, training and practice of the Shilin Speed Reading method. The 10-day format consists of 10 three hour classes run over 10 consecutive days.

The public programs are run after working hours between 7 and 10 pm in the evenings.



Shilin Speed Reading 3-Week Workshop

The 3-week format is the original format of the program that was run in the Ukraine. It consists of 9 in class training days alternated with 9 homework days per week for a 3 week period.

It is the most advanced version of the program and produces the best results. The course will consist of both in class training and at home training where the delegates will be provided with homework to be completed on their own. Delegates will be provided with homework on non-class days to complete on their own.



Shilin Speed Reading 1-Day Workshop

The 1-Day format consists of a single 8 hour class run over one-day. It is a summarised version of the full Shilin Speed Reading Program.

It is designed for our clients who have either a limited budget or time to attend the extended versions of the program. You will be taught and practice all the exercises as presented in the extended versions of the course but delegates will be required to practice additional work on their own.


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